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Caffeine Analogs

Jason Kennerly jkenner at cello.gina.calstate.edu
Sat Jun 24 20:53:32 EST 1995

eleusis at netcom.com (Eleusis) writes:
> >Okeee.... I haven't heard anything from anyone, so the next thing to ask 
> >is... any tips on SYNTHESIZING the caffeine analogs. Specifically I am 
> >most interested in the ETHYL analog of caffeine - ETHYL-THEOPHYLLINE? Has 
> Apparently, from my sundry references, there is little pharmocological 
> difference in activity between "caffeine" and theophylline. The 
> ethyl-group may very well deactivate the ring (acting as a protector 
> group) so this might not be a worthwhile endeavor.

Caffeine seems to be more effective as a stimulant while having less 
effects on the rest of the body at identical doses. That was pretty much 
what I gathered. I am just curious whether there is an actual difference 
in affinity for various things (adenosine receptor inhibiton vs. enzyme 
inhibition) or merely an increased ability of caffeine to cross the 
blood-brain barrier...

I found a reference on some "selective" adenosine inhibitors - I think 
one was substituted at the 8 position with a cyclopentyl group. However, 
the reference was a study where the drug mentioned was applied directly 
to tissue and not injected or injested, so I do not know if the compound 
is active orally (or even able to cross the BBB)

In any case, Im not looking to make a mint on the black (or other) market 
or anything like that. Adenosine inhibitors probably aren't the best 
place to start for such things (grin)... I am just a curious caffeine 

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