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Growth Hormone????

Betty Martini betty at noel.pd.org
Sun Jun 25 21:37:41 EST 1995

There was a study on human growth hormone in l988 and it was given to 
drawfs.  They got leukemia.  Today Monsanto has put their bovine growth 
hormone on the market.  Bst dosed lab animals presented spleen weight 
inreases up to 46% but the FAD required no toxicologic studies.  In BGH 
milk the insulin growth factor, the regulator of cancer, is increased so 
much that cancer and leukemia will most certainly explode!  Like love 
bugs the Food and Drug Adm and Monsanto fly coupled in an incestuous 
venereal union.  Their deadly spawn may kill us all. 

Monsanto/FA insist bioengineered BST is identical to the natural 
hormone.  Pure fraud!  At position 144 in the peptide sequence an error 
occurs - epsilon-N-acetyllysine replaced lysine.  What disasterous 
consequence will this error produce?  Nobody on planet earth has the 
faintest idea.  Welcome to the International Association of guinea pigs 
and lab rats!

Robert Cohen of Oradell, New Jersey filed a petition with the FDA to 
revoke the use of BGH based on the above.  He met with them on April 21. 
Cohen noted lab animals suffered numerous biological effects from BST but 
the FDA claimed there were no biological effects, disregarding a study of 
600 rats  in which the animals averaged a 40% increase in spleen size.  
Of course, this explosive spleen growth indicates developing leukemias.

Cohen filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA request for the full 
report on the experiments, including the details on affects on 28 
different tisues and organs.  He believes the evidence will reveal a vast 
array of damaging abnormalities.  His request was deied by the FDA, which 
claimed that disclosure of the data would result in "competitive harm" to 
Monsanto.  He is now petitioning Congress and the General Accounting 
Office (GAO) to investigate a massive fraud and conspiracy.

On June 7 an attorney for Ralph Nader's group wrote the Department of 
Health and Human Services about the denial saying: "It is difficult to 
understand how an exemption applies to the studies sought by Mr. Cohen 
when both Monsanto and Eli Lilly have shared them with competing 
pharmaceutical companies.  The 1990 SCIENCE article referred to by Mr. 
Cohen was jointly written by the FDA and Monsanto . . It is clear these 
companies were sharing information, which would nullify any claim that 
public disclosure would result in competitive harm"

Cohen criticizes the FDA for perpetrating the myth that milk from BST 
treated cows is identical to normal milk.  The Journal of the American 
Medical Assn and National Institutes of Health echo this FDA conclusion.  
The levels of this powerful growth hormone, insulin growth factor (IGF) 
increase after BST treatment.  Dozens of studies from respected hospitals 
and universities indicate IGF is the key factor in the growth and 
survival of cancer in humans.

The FDA scientists at the meeting on 4/21 (according to Cohen) agreed 
levels of IGF do increase in milk after BST treatment.  In other words, 
they agaree the milk is different.  Now they declare the milk is not 
significantly different.  FDA admits some IGFsurvives the digestive 
process and is absorbed into the intestine.  Yet they believe the levels 
of IGFsurvival are relatively insignificant while Cohen believes they are 
more than significant; they are critical!!!

Finally, FDA feels milk hormones do not exert any effects.  When pressed 
on the issue by Cohen, FDA applied the same logic to nursing women 
comforting their infants.  It is FDA's opinion a nursing mother offers 
psychological and nurturing comfort to her infant but there are 
absolutely no hormonal benefits.

In his new book DEFENSE AGAINST ALZHEIMERS DISEASE (Sunshine Sentinel 
Press - 1 800-814-9800) by the eminent Dr. H. J. Roberts, he discusses 
the decline of breast-feeding.  "The importance of breast feeding for 
optimal development of the infant brain is widely acknowledged.  For 
example, the associated stimulation of thyroid hormones during the first 
few weeks of life can be critical.  Scientists continue to find imortant 
bioactive compounds in breast milke that do not exist, or are present 
only minimally, in infant formulas: Thye include DHA (an omega-3 fatty 
acid that is highly concentrated in the brain and retina), mucin (a 
protein that suppresses the reproduction of rotavirus, a major cause of 
infant diarrhea), epidermala growth factor, prostagandins and 
prolactin."  If Dr. Roberts and Cohen are right and many other respected 
scientists are right in that the hormones in milk work, genetically 
engineered milk and dairy products may be the most dangerous substance in 
our markets, or at least tied for number one with NutraSweet, Monsanto's 
seizure triggering, memory losing chemical poison pawned off as a 
sweetner!  Imagine when they are combined; what a toxic bonanza!

On June 9 the Associated Press reported a new study that lauds 
breastfeeding.  It stated: "A type of fat in breast milk but not in 
ordinary infant formula seems to foster early brain development, 
according to an Australian study."  The complete study was published in 
Lancet 6/10.  So much for FDA folly!

The Boycott Quartery has reported the boycott against Monsanto products 

To confirm information on the bovine growth hormone Robert Cohen can be 
called at 201 599-0325.  What we know about the bovine growth hormone is 
bad enough, but we must find out what they are hiding.  The information 
needed is studies and data cited in August 1990 SCIENCE MAGAZINE, Ref 42, 
article by J.C. Juskevich and C. G. Guyer on rBGH.  
I'm sure Robert Cohen would appreciate any help anyone can give.

If you want information on NutraSweet please send a self-addressed, 
stamped enveloped, double stamped to MISSION POSSIBLE, P. O. BOX 28098, 
Atlanta, Georgia 30358.  It is a trigger of horrible neurological and 
endocrine disease and cancer - and blindness.

At the 1 800 where you can get a copy of Dr. Roberts new book on 
Alzheimers you can also register for his seminar in Atlanta, July 29 at 
the Doubletree Hotel.  Dr. Roberts is a diabetic specialist and when 
aspartame was put on the market he saw a difference in his diabetic 
patients - they presented with memory loss, confusion and visual 
disturbance and blindness.  Remember that Alzheimers is a 20th century 
disease and is caused by neurotoxic substances ((like Nutrasweet) and is 
no the 4th leading cause of death in adults in this country.

Betty Martini
Domain:  betty at pd.org
UUCP:  ...!emory!pd.org!betty

On 2 Jun 1995, Kathy Iler wrote:

> anyone out there have any info, pro or con, on growth hormone injections?
> Please relay any experiences.
> Any relation to Leukemia?
> Thanks
> Kathy

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