Neuroscience and the World Wide Web

Taher Dehkhoda dehkhoda at mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu
Wed Jun 28 16:05:31 EST 1995

I am studying Neuroscience here at Tulane University in New Orleans.  On 
the side, I maintain a World Wide Web publishing/consulting business. 
Primarily I establish a presence for businesses and non-profits on the 
WWW.  However, I have had a few of my colleagues approach me regarding 
setting up a "Home Page" for them to display their CV, current research, 
announcements, etc.  One finds it particularly useful to have a home page 
that his partner labs in Europe can access 24-hours a day to note any lab 
changes or results.
I have decided to include professionals in my possible clientele. If you 
are interested in establishing a WWW "Home Page" this can be done for a 
very reasonable cost (about one hundred USdol/year) and can be quite 
useful for your lab or personal use.

If you are interested or would like any more information or to try it for 
free for a week, drop me a note.

Taher Dehkhoda
Tulane University
Internet Impact(sm)

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