HELP: Neurobiology of reinforcement

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>> I'm a graduate student in (of all things) philosophy.  I have been
>> trying to find empirical support for a particular theory in the
>> philosophy of mind.  In order to do so, one thing I need to
>> understand better is the neurobiological basis of reinforcement,
>> i.e., increase in the probability that a particular behavior will be
>> produced subsequent to a reward for that behavior (a la Skinner).  I
>> haven't yet been able to find much research on this topic, however.
>> Can anyone point me in the right direction?

>I'm not sure, but try looking up "nucleus accumbens."  
>Also, I wonder if your question can more generally be
>thought of as the neurobiology of learning.  If so, then
>all of the research on memory and conditioning would be

ouch...this one hurt...i'm preparing a new grant on just this 
topic...actually, the neurochemistry of learning, using a bead pecking model 
in the hatchling chick..we're trying to get away from *negative* reinforcement 
models and currently working the kinks out of a *positive* reinforcement 
model...any thoughts??

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