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> Dear Sir,
>          My sister has recently been told she has M.S. and there is no cure.
> I am trying to find about new treatments that are available elsewhere and 
> about research that is still going on. Could you please help me.
>                                         Thankyou....

Research is going on everywhere, taking about every possible approach to
understanding/classifying/treatine MS, so you'll have to be a little more

However, there is a drug called Beta Interferon which I believe is
undergoing clinical trials (I don't know if this means it's FDA approved,
or what) that is being used.  I recently assessed a patient who was
diagnosed over a year ago and was put on BI about 3 mos. ago - the pt. has
shown no increase in cognitive dysfunction in the past year despite at
least 1 major exacerbation.  Now, MS is VERY variable in its progression,
so it would be VERY premature to ascribe the lack of progression to BI,
especially since the pt has only been on it a few months, but you have to
wonder.  Most patients have to go on a waiting list at this point for the
drug, but you may want to suggest your sister look into it with her

Just my .02

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