Enriched environment specialists required

Xochi Zen x at asylum.sf.ca.us
Wed Mar 1 13:37:08 EST 1995

     I am writing a critical book on so-called "mind machines" - devices that
employ flashing lights and pulsed sound in order to make one smarter. Now, I
suspect most of this is drivel, but I was surprised to see Marian Diamond referenced

in a pop-science pulp mass market new age paperback entitled "Megabrain Power"
by Michael Hutchison. The author first mentions her work on enriched 
environments and then jumps to the conclusion that biofeedback training
and the use of these "mind machines" - could somehow constitute an 
enriched environment. Personally, I don't see how photic stimulation or 
pulsed sound (and "binaural beats") could constitute an enriched sensory 
environment. What do you have in mind when you speak about super-enriched
environments for human beings? 

    I would suspect that this might entail reading well and widely, perhaps
trying a variety of foods, taking in fine music, fine art, different
motor activities, and so forth. I would appreciate whatever comments you 
might be able to make about this. I would also appreciate references for 
articles/publications that detail what would constitute enriched environments
for human beings. Please respond via _private_ e-mail. 

    By the way, is Gerald Oster still living? If so, where can I contact 

    Further, who are our shining stars today in learning/memory research?
I would like to dispel any accelerated learning mythology going around 
that has no solid research behind it. 

							Kind Regards,

							  Dana M. Nibby

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