right-brain....NO!! Left-brain dominance Wait! right--left

Joseph Robinson josephro at gpu2.srv.ualberta.ca
Wed Mar 1 02:04:08 EST 1995

Sorry - just to let you know I've had almost the opposite experience.  
When I was little (read, in first grade), I thought it would be really 
neat to be one of the few people in the class who wrote with their left 
hand. (Yeah, pretty quirky, I know.)  Anyway, I remember explicitly making 
the effort to do so.

Unfortunately, I was totally unable to do so.  Further, I was pretty much 
unaware of my having "switched" back to my right hand until a teacher 
pointed out to me midyear that I was no longer using it.  Interestingly, 
I was kind of embarrassed at the time, because when we were being tested, 
and told to "just use whatever hand felt more comfortable" to us, I kind 
of *knew* that I was right handed.

Maybe you were just one of the lucky ones who got to make that choice.

Just a thought.
					- Hannah Pazderka-Robinson


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