right-brain....NO!! Left-brain dominance Wait! right--left

Toril Myrtveit toril at fidibus.uio.no
Wed Mar 1 08:49:26 EST 1995

I also been through this should-I-use-my-right-or-left-hand problem. I have
a left-handed father and a right-handed mother. Thus I learned to use my
left hand for tools and my right hand for cooking for instance, depending on 
whether I learned it from my  father or my mother. When starting school, I
was more or less forced to only use my right hand (my teacher asked me if I
was left-handed and I said no since I use my right hand for writing, and was
then told to use my right hand for all kinds of tools).
I am convinced there is one reason only for me being right-handed: I was 
trained to be right-handed. Growing up in a "left-handed enviroment" I 
would be left-handed.
It is often very convenient to be able to use both hands. I cant see any
advantage from only being able to use one hand. Maybe we should encourage
kids to sometimes use their wrong hand just to train muscles and coordination?
Was is the negative effects of forcing natural left-handers to become
right-handed (if any)?

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