tigers, lions, and bears

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Wed Mar 1 20:13:45 EST 1995

The reason tigers,lions, and "so many ferocious beasts" sleep
a lot has mostly to do with their place on the food web.  Actually,
it has to do with rest, not sleep.  Since they get their energy in
a concentrated , top-of-the-food-web form, they don't need to spend
that much time eating, though in the wild such animals surely spend
a lot of their time hunting.  Big cats you see in zoos and so on
rest a lot because they don't need to spend any time hunting. Ac-
tually, a few zoos have experimented with making the food-getting for
such animals a teensy bit more challenging by hiding it around the
cage or range of the animal, or hanging it from the ceiling; under
these circumstances, the cats spend less than half as much time
sleeping. Of course, if you made them actually KILL their food-- but
zookeepers could never do that for a variety of reasons, of course.

Sorry to get off- topic... as you can see sleep itself has little
to do with it...

S. Leupen
Northwestern University

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