Culturing neurons and astrocytes

Simon McHattie SMCHATTI at
Fri Mar 3 06:17:58 EST 1995

I am a PhD student currently studying responses of astrocytes in 
neurodegenerative disease. At present I am trying to design a 
strategy of testing for astrocyte responses in vitro following the addition 
of conditioned media from cultured neurons (most probably cerebellar 
granule cells). I intend to use chemically defined media for both 
astrocytes and neurons however I am worried that components in the 
neuronal medium (Ham's F14 supplemented with progesterone, thyroxine 
and tri-iodothyronine) may affect astrocytes in vitro thus 
complicating interpretation of results. I would appreciate any 
information and suggestions which may indicate the pitfalls of my 

Simon McHattie
Dept. Veterinary Basic Sciences
Royal Veterinary College
London NW1 OTU  

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