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Dag Stenberg (stenberg at cc.Helsinki.FI) wrote:
: Tara Marchand; (t_marcha at psych) wrote:
: } Hi.  I'm looking for references concerning differences in brain structure,
: } function, etc. between lesbian/bisexual women and straight women.  I've
: } found a few articles but think there might be more that I'm just not
: } locating.  

: My feeling is that there is too little material available to be of any
: great help. Collecting brains from known lesbians with no other gross
: brain pathology may take some time, and somebody must have enough
: interest to make relevant morphological study.
:   As I remember, the material on male homosexuals is rather small, and
: the found differences minimal, plus the implications of these minimal
: differences are obscure and highly speculative. I refer to the autopsy
: studies revealing laterality differences in one of four minor hypothalamic
: nuclei without any certain function, where male heterosexuals differed
: from both females and male homosexuals. I think there were no lesbian
: females in that study, illustrating the difficulty to get material.
:   It would do no harm if I were wrong in this.

	Funny, I have never heard anything about any biological difference in 
women, but I have read quite a bit about the difference in homosexual men.
	Steven LeVey a biologist, claims to have found a difference in the 
brains of homosexual men.  The third institial nucleus, about the size of 
the head of a pin, has been found to be smaller in the brains of gay men.
	While this may be true, it is still not accepted as a fact that 
this is the cause or result of homosexuality.

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