Acrylamide neurotoxicity

Mandy Johnstone udbl119 at
Fri Mar 3 17:52:52 EST 1995

Hi folks,

I am intersted to find out how neurotoxic acrylamide actually is. I run 
polyacrylamide gels all the time and know that it is nasty stuff and so always 
handle it with utmost respect but it would be intersting to really know what 
it does long-term to the nervous system and how much you really have to be 
exposed to in terms of lethality. There was an intersting story in the Times 
newspaper recently about a Biochemistry lecturer who had been slowly adding it 
to his wifes coffee until she dropped into a coma from which she fortunately 
recovered but I never discovered what the long term effects were. Many thanks 
in advance.

Mandy Johnstone
(M.Johnstone at

King's College, London.

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