left-handedness-two distinct types?

lodge at daemon.clinphys.pmh.toronto.on.ca lodge at daemon.clinphys.pmh.toronto.on.ca
Fri Mar 3 11:09:53 EST 1995

The reason why there are two distint types of left-handed writers is found
at one of the earliest stages of a child's literary skills education.
At approximately the grade 2 level, teachers will make an effort to force
the "student" to develop "proper" coordination between reading and writing.
He/she gives the child a thick pencil (probably too thick) and a piece of
paper, and tells the class to turn the paper slightly in the counter-clockwise
Some thick-skulled teachers neglect to point out that anyone who holds the
pencil and draws pictures better with the left hand should instead turn the
paper slightly in the clockwise direction.  The trusting child obeys every
command from "the teacher".  The left-handed child who listens to this
ignorance and turns the paper counterclockwise MUST also curl the wrist in
an effort to SEE what he/she is writing.  This child is learning to write
in an uncomfortable and energy intensive manner, and if this contributes to
a lack of interest in school, it wouldn't surprise me in the least.  How
teachers can be so confident in their ability to teach and pay attention to
detail, and at the same time be so IGNORANT is unknown to me.  The problem,
however, is obviously widespread, as you have been able to discern "two distinctgroups of left-handers."
I was one of the unlucky ones:  today I absolutly hate writing, and can easily
type faster with just one finger, no matter how hard I try.  Fortunately, some
teachers acknowledge left-handedness as a matter of continuity of early mental
development, especially in the sense of independent learning, and teach the
children to be comfortable in a learning environment.  As for the rest of them
well, send THEM back to school!

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