Febrile seizures

Thomas R. Gregg greggt at strauss.udel.edu
Sat Mar 4 18:37:51 EST 1995

I'm not an M.D., but I'll tell you what I know.

In article <D4ByIo.5By at murdoch.acc.virginia.edu> you write:
>Our 18 month old daughter had a febrile seizure last Tuesday.  She had 
>had a low-grade fever all morning, had napped well, and was playing 
>quietly during the mid-afternoon.  I took her out to a bookstore and when 
>we returned home the seizure occurred.  I called her doctor immediately, 
>then 911.  To make a long story shorter, the seizure lasted all the way 
>into the emergency room where they adminstered dilantin.  That night she 
>had a CAT-scan (OK), a spinal tap (clear and OK), and the next day an 
>EEG.  "Seizure disorder" (epilepsy?) was ruled out because they "saw no 
>spikes" on the EEG.  It was declared an atypical febrile convulsion 
>because (1) it lasted so long and was stopped only with medication; (2) 
>it was focalized -- mostly in her left arm.
>The next day she was released from the hospital although she was very 
>sluggish and woozy, not walking well, 

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