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Sat Mar 4 23:39:06 EST 1995

ID> This might not be the right place for posting, but I have been diagnosed
ID> with
ID> neuropathy [radial], in my lower legs and feet.  After an MRI, I was
ID> also
ID> diag-
ID> nosed with spinal stenosis in the 4-5 lumbar area.
ID> Since my job requires standing/walking on concrete for eight hours, I
ID> was
ID> wondering if there is anything I can do to reduce the ocassional
ID> stabbing pain
ID> and muscle spasms and cramps to my feet?

ID> Thank you for you responses

ID> Dolph

        I have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.
These two conditions while having been researched for nearly 200 years,
western medicine has not been able to find ample treatment to promote a
cureable result.  Though I have found a saving grace in a doctor of
neuropathic pain medicine.  He very orthodox in his research, diagnosis and
process of treatments but looks to areas of medication and treatments that
conservative allopathic medicine chooses to overlook and discount readily.
        His name is Dr. Wladislaw Ellis and can be reached at 510-849-4703.
I think it would be worth the call.  He is very honest and takes great
interest in his clients and patients in relieving their pain without
creating a stressful or non-functioning situation.


a tai chi player
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