autogenic/heterogenic reflexes

Giuseppe Peritore gperitor at
Sun Mar 5 15:14:31 EST 1995

To All:
	This is my 3rd attempt at sending this out...

	I'm a 3rd year Human Kinetics student minoring in Neuroscience 
and am looking for any post 1988 info on the effects of heterogenic 
reflexes on muscles crossing the ankle joint in either animals or 
preferably humans.  I'm specifically looking for any work that has been 
done since, and is similar to TR Nichols work "THe organization of 
heterogenic reflexes among muscles crossing the ankle joint in the 
decerebrate cat".  Any info about where I can attain either primary 
or secondary sources of info on this topic would be GREATLY appreciated.

please E-mail me at:    gperitor at

					Thank You

				Giuseppe F. Peritore

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