Bill's/facial palsy

Loren A. Evey lae2 at
Mon Mar 6 16:29:41 EST 1995

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> Hello.  Can anyone can supply me with any information on this or 
> give me pointers where I could get info?
Bell's palsy results from facial nerve damage.  Possible causes of damage 
include parotid disease, facial nerve inflammation within the facial canal, or 
acoustic neuroma at the internal auditory meatus.  The symptoms vary according 
to site of damage.  All instances will involve weakness of facial musculature 
on the affected side.  There is a thread on this group regarding peripheral 
nerve damage.  You might benefit from following this thread.  The prognosis 
varies according to the lesion site and surgical success if indicated.  
Complete recovery (nerve regeneration) is possible.

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