Chaos Theory

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Mon Mar 6 16:04:55 EST 1995

Masterpiece Theater (jdimpson at wrote:
> For my Introduction to Neurobiology class I'm taking here at Syracuse
> University (taught by Dr. Robert Barlow) I have chosen to report for a final
> project on known occurences of patterns of chaos found in human
> physiology (preferably in the nervous system) Can anyone give me any
> information on the topic?  A reference to some printed work would be
> great, and any correspondence with people who have actually experimented
> with the topic would be ideal (in other words, really really really great).
> Thank you.

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> Jeremy Impson

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 I actually have a book called Fractal Physiology, which is pretty
 cool. I could forward the authors if your interested. Let me know
 -Kathy King (kathy at  >   	         	e 

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