Stats packages

Lena Ting ting at roses
Wed Mar 8 03:19:39 EST 1995

Hi, my lab is on the market for some statistical software. 

We are considering purchasing the Mac version of SAS, and have also
received a mailing with special offer from GB-STAT 5.0 for
Neuroscience members that looks intriguing.  Also, someone has
recommended DataDesk to me, and I am trying out the package.

Does anyone have experience with these packages?  Which would you
recommend for overall ease of use, number of tests offered,
manipulating data within the package, graphing capabilites, etc?
I'm interested primarily in ANOVA analyses, and would like be able to
easily transform data and perform the same tests on large numbers of
data files.

Please send responses by email or to this group.


Lena Ting

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