Stats packages

K. Lee Koetzner KK2543A at
Wed Mar 8 13:15:39 EST 1995

I had always heard (secondhand or thirdhand) that Statistica gave the most reli
able numerical results for your analyses this side of mainframe BMDP, so when I
 started having trouble replicating results in JMP (macintosh), I switched over
 to Statistica for Windows (we had a license for CSS/Dos, so it was fairly chea
p). Short version: I like Statistica. A lot. It's easy to use, fast, and has ye
t to give a result I find unlikely. There are things I don't like about it (no
32-bit or PowerPC versions until the end of the year, maybe; the transfer betwe
en different types of analyses feels wierd), but it has a lot to recommend it--
including a very powerful looking scripting language. I haven't worked with it
yet, but it looks easier than writing SAS/VMS batch files, yet just as powerful
I'd be the last person to argue stats with Wilkinson, but without knowing more
about the alleged code theft, I'm not letting it keep me away.

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