Info needed on historical spread of Huntington's Chorea

Shaun D. Carstairs shaunc at
Thu Mar 9 16:43:08 EST 1995

I'm writing a brief paper on the historical epidemiology of Huntington's
Chorea.  It is my understanding that two brothers from Suffolk, England
migrated to Salem, Massachusetts in 1630, both of whom carried the gene
for the disease, and that nearly all persons afflicted with Huntington's
on the east coast are descended from these two brothers.

Additionally, I have heard of a small community in Venezuela with a 
disproportionately high percentage of Huntington's Chorea sufferers,
presumably all descended from a single English sailor with the gene.

Any info regarding these two scenarios or other data relating to the
spread of Huntington's disease over the past few centuries would be
greatly appreciated.

Shaun Carstairs
shaunc at
s98carstairs at

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