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1> > I am interested in gathering ideas about the purpose of sleep.Can 
1> > suggest why sleep may have evolved, or what physiological functions it 
1> > serves? Does sleep serve the same purpose in all animals?
1> Evolutionary-wise, sleep may have evolved, among other things, to protect
1> the animal from being preyed on during those times of the day/night when
1> they were not adapted to survive. Much better to stay in one place and
1> live than to move around aimlessly and become someone else's lunch. Also,
1> it gives the organism to process it's last meal and build up energy.

Though the reasoning may appear straightforward, I do not agree. Sleep,
an ubiquitary phenomenon in more complex animals, seems to have
predominantly information-processing background (planning, evaluation
of daytime input, etc.) as well as regenerative functions.

-- Eugen.

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