Navaid Abidi Abidin at
Thu Mar 9 14:22:41 EST 1995

I am not sure if this is the right place to put this inquiry.
If it isn't, you people have my apploligies.

Well, I am very much intriuged by some brain programming
devices out in the market.  They claim to be useing
"Alpha" and some other type of brain waves technology.  

Beging a skeptic I rearly buy into such things.  But recently I 
tried on one of these gagets and something did happen.  I am not sure 
what it was.  

Well, I am trying to get my hands on any research material or books on
the subject.  I tried the library, but could not come up with anything
with the words "brain waves", "alpha", or other greek alphabets...

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanx in advance

Navaid Abidi

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