Measurement and normative data on Phasic Arousal Response

Caudateman caudateman at
Thu Mar 9 10:09:26 EST 1995

I am conducting a study of changes in the latency of phasic arousal
responses following a treatment protocol for attention disorders in
adults.  Currently I am invoking a startle response and then measuring the
time it takes for autonomic phasic arousal to begin as measured by
amplitude rise in the EDR of the left hand.  I am not so interested in EEG
measures of arousal.  Does anyone have a better idea for looking at phasic
arousal latencies in the autonomic system.  HR and BVP are not good
measures of the global arousal mechanism in my mind; however I am open to
suggestion.  I have found a correlation between PA latencies and attention
perfomance measures that is fairly predictable.

If you know of any literature of normative latencies with such a measure I
would be most appreciated.  My lit search came up almost devoid of
anything meaningful.

Tom Allen
Director of Neuro-Behavioral Services
Neuropsychological Associates of Central Florida
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