Trigeminal neuralgia (tic douloureaux)

MikeStap mikestap at
Wed Mar 8 22:37:14 EST 1995

My mother in law is struggling with a severe case of trigeminal neuralgia,
which she has endured for over a decade.  She has been taking Tegretol and
is currently in need of other pain relief in order to allay the pain.  She
is seeing a neurologist, who has referred her to a pain specialist (we
anticipate he will inject a nerve block and are hoping for favorable
results).  She has undergone one prior block about 12 years ago and has
since had two surgeries to cut the nerve back.  The Tegretol doesn't seem
to perform at this point, or it is unable to control the nerve as well as
it once did.
Anyone out there have comments, advice, experiences that could help us
find some relief, give us some solace?  Her pain attacks are overwhelming
and it takes anywhere from 2-4 hours to soothe her.  My wife and her
father are pained and exhausted at the conditions she must endure.

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