Tic doulereaux

Patrick Rhoten, M.D. mss5 at cwru.po.edu.
Thu Mar 9 22:31:02 EST 1995

>Trigeminal neuralgia can be a debilitating disease with frequent attacks and 
> often agonizing bouts of intractable pain.  Make sure that your family members
> Tegretol levels are therapeutic and if not then inquire about possibly raising
>  her dosage.  If these are of no use then she may be a candidate for a
>procedure known as microvascular decompression, if she has already had
>injection of her "nerve" with glycerol or has  had a procedure called
> radiofrequency lesioning of the ganglion.  One other possibility if all
> of the others fail is another neurosurgical procedure called trigeminal
> tractomtomy, where a lesion is made in the brainstem to ablate that
>portion of the brain that receives pain input from the face.  I highly
> suggest that you seek a neurosurgical opinion.

Erin go Bragh!

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