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> I am a chemistry student at Mountain Crest High School. My chemistry teacher 
> has troubled us with a report on anything that has to do with chemistry.  I 
> am in a group of three and I need at least three balanced chemical equations 
> for my report. Your help would be greatly appreciated,Thank you.
> The subject we have chosen is synapse in relation to the nervous system.
> Bart Lamont


Synapses are the physical contacts between neurons where chemical messages
are passed from the sending neuron (which briefly secretes a chemical
neurotransmitter) and the receiving neuron (which responds to the secreted
chemical through a special protein called a receptor).  T he only way I
can see that you could use "synapse" as a topic for doing your teacher's
exercise is by dealing with the enzymatic reactions by which the chemical
transmitters are made or metabolised.  In general chemistry, balanced
equations don't deal with this sort of reaction:

Tyrosine+ Biotin+ O2 + tyrosine hydroxylase (an enzyme)=
Dihydroxyphenylalanine = reduced biotin + H20

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