Bill's/facial palsy

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>> Hello.  Can anyone can supply me with any information on this or
>> give me pointers where I could get info?
>> Thanks!
>> Tom

>   I'd be very interested in the same kind of info.  (Bell's Palsy).

>   Thanks

>   Darren Larson
>   dk_larson at

Most patients with Bell's palsy is thought to have an inflammation of the 
nerve and majority recover within several weeks completely or almost 
completely. However other underlying serious problems responsible for the 
weakness of the nerve should be ruled out. Diabete and high blood pressure 
make one more susceptible. If there are no underlying diseases and this is the 
usual form of Bell's palsy a short course of corticosteroids are recommended 
to ensure full recovery. Your physician should be aware of this. This type of 
treatment has to be started within the first 2-3 days for it to be effective.

N. Vijayan M.D.

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