Brain Mapping course - Cold Spring Harbor, June 12-18, 1995

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A course of Brain Mapping
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
June 12 - 18, 1995

John Mazziotta, University of California School of Medicine, Los Angeles
Arthur Toga, University of California School of Medicine, Los Angeles

The aim of this lecture course is to describe the rapidly evolving
developments in brain mapping that have been applied to the problem of
mapping the structure and function of the brain, both to understand its
normal function and to evaluate neurological, neurosurgical and psychiatric
disease states. This course describes new methods as well as the
application of traditional techniques to the study of brain structure and
function. Methodologies that will be discussed include magnetic resonance
imaging (including functional, spectroscopic and angiographic approaches),
positron emission tomography, electrophysiological techniques, optical
intrinsic signal imaging, digital approaches to conventional postmortem
neuroanatomical investigations, data analysis, statistical analysis,
statistical approaches, visualization and stereotaxy. The course is not
designed to simply describe methods, but rather to discuss how brain
mapping strategies can be employed in combination with biological models
for understanding the structure and function of the brain. Findings
relevant to the function of the visual, motor, language, memory and
cognitive brain systems, as well as diseases that adversely affect them,
will be discussed. Specific hypotheses and experimental designs will be
developed by the students for mock execution, or as an actual experiment if
a field trip to an imaging laboratory can be arranged. Invited speakers
will include world leaders in each of the respective brain mapping

A few slots are still available.

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