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Timothy W Smith twsst5+ at
Wed Mar 15 11:34:02 EST 1995

 ****Announcing a new WWW site for the Neural Processes of Cognition****

	The center for the study of the Neural Processes of Cognition is 
a joint program of the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon 
University. Funded by the National Science Foundation as an 
interdisciplinary training program it offers research opportunities and 
positions for pre- and postdoctoral students.  Undergraduate summer 
programs are also available (with registration deadlines looming). 
	Descriptions of research efforts underway on both campuses along 
with opportunities for study under the principal researchers are given as 
well. The site is being expanded to include  images of brain activity 
from  functional MRI (or fNMR) taken directly from current research efforts.
	Please visit the site to see what the programs offer and, while 
you are there, add it to your neuroscience and cognitive sciences 
resource lists.  

Tim Smith\University of Pittsburgh\Dept of Neuroscience and Psychology

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