Maximal electroshock seizures

Ian A. Paul, Ph.D. iapaul at
Thu Mar 16 14:47:35 EST 1995

WLAZ at URSUS.AR.LUBLIN.PL ("Piotr Wlaz") wrote:
> I should be grateful if someone out there could provide me with 
> references to papers/chapters concerning the mechanisms and neural 
> pathways involved in the maximal electroshock-induced seizures in 
> animals. I'm especially interested in differences between tonic 
> seizures induced through eyes and ears stimulation.
> Best regards,
> Piotr Wlaz

I can't give you a specific reference (although I would suspect that
such a reference would have Max Fink's name on it), however, the
general view is that the site of stimulation (transcorneal vs
transauricular) alters the focus of seizure initiation (forebrain vs
brainstem, respectively).  Certainly, there are behavioral differences
in the seizures that are produced that would be consistent with that 

Hope this is of some help,

Ian A. Paul

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