Do you know who researches neuro-immune interaction?

Daniel F. Bossut dfb at
Thu Mar 16 18:11:02 EST 1995

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>I am a graduate student in master of science program.  Future my plan is
>studying the interaction between nervous system and immune system.  I am
>especially interested in the control of Parkinson state by immune system?
>Does anybody know who is researching this kind of field? If know, please
>let me know. Thank you.
>e-mail: yskdr at, or kimy at

There are several labs who are busy with neuro-immune intereaction. The
First two which came to mind are:
Linda Watkins and Steve Maier at the Boulders in CO (Physiology or
psychology Dept)

 Also John Liebeskind at UCLA (Psychology Dept. I think)

DAniel Bossut

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