Brain Actuated Technologies

Caudateman caudateman at
Thu Mar 16 21:04:05 EST 1995

[Brain actuated technology]

There is a psychophysiology list on netcom.  I do not know the address;
but it is one of the sci.psychology lists.  There is also a new forum
about to open on Compuserve called Mind/Body Technology.  It is going to
be very objective and a number of scientists in these areas of research
will be online discussing their work etc...  The goal of the forum will be
to provide objective and factual information in these areas as opposed to
speculation and hype.  It is not designed to be a place for "new age mind
tec. junkies".  I am one of the sysops.

Tom Allen
Director of Neurobehavioral Services
Neuropsychological Associates of Central  Florida

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