adding specialisation

Sidmurphy sidmurphy at
Sat Mar 18 09:17:14 EST 1995

I am a board certified general psychiatrist,with child psychiatry
subspecialty and am doing much neuropsychiatry[head injury,
pain mgt,tourettes,autism].I feel I am stepping over that line to-
ward neurology and want to be trained to be fully board eligible
in neurology.My fears are a drop off in income[80%] and being able
to support 5 people,and if I need more Internal Medicine[I had
four months,but that was adequate for joint specialization in
'86 when I started but not under newer ABPN guidelines],I also
have some OP Child Neuro and 2 months of IP Adult Neuro.
Also I would have to moonlight...which could be hard in a large
city with gluts of psychiatrists....what should I do? and could
I do it in 2 1/2  or 3  yrs ?.....where should I train?

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