Good neuro programs

Tim Triche, Jr. tjt3 at
Sun Mar 19 20:53:36 EST 1995

University of California at San Francisco - incredibly good molecular
University of California at Davis - cognitive neuropsych w/Gazzaniga
Columbia University - New York City - Eric Kandel is still there...
Cornell University - Ithaca, New York - neuropsych I don't know about...
Harvard University - Cambridge, Massachutsetts - well, duh...
Massachutsetts Institute of Technology - near Harvard - neuropsych, yes
Cal Tech - Pasadena, California - developmental neurobio, very good prog

web pages for some of the above...
UC Davis:
UC San Fran:

Hope this helps...I'm only an undergrad but I dream about going to UCSF 
and double-degree'ing...yeah, we'll see what the chances of that are...
I am an undergraduate neuro major here at Cornell, they spend a fair 
amount on funding research and offer some good grad courses.  But I'm 
still just an undergrad.

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