ketamine/xylazine + reflexes

Mon Mar 20 16:44:38 EST 1995

bnglaser at (Daniel Glaser) wrote:
> A question about cat anaesthesia (...)
> Does anyone have experience with xylazine and standard reflexes, tens
> of minutes or hours after administration ?
I'm not quite sure I understand your question but offer the following
comments. With ketamine anesthesia in cats, reflexes such as palpebral,
gag, etc. tend to be preserved even at surgical planes of anesthesia.
The only way to assess depth of anesthesia is response to pain and
voluntary movement. Even this may be difficult because ketamine 
provides poor visceral anesthesia. The addition of xyalazine may
diminishes these reflexes and increases visceral anesthesia.

WB Thomas DVM,MS

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