Justin Baker ST004131 at
Tue Mar 21 17:08:07 EST 1995

A good bit of research on pallidotomy is being done at Emory University,
in the Neuroscience department.  I am not altogether sure where they
have published recently.  I know that _The Neuroscientist_ magazine
has recently or will soon publish some of their recent work.  You might
find some of their stuff through, but I can tell
you straight off that the treatment appears to work exceedingly well.
These are, of course, only preliminary findings, but I was really quite
impressed with patients' improvement.  As I recall, one woman did happen
to lose her sense of rhythm, or so she reported, but that may be
entirely unrelated.  If you do need more information about Emory's work,
feel free to contact me over private e-mail.

Justin Baker

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