acoustic "colors"

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Mon Mar 20 16:03:24 EST 1995

Charles Lucy (clucy at wrote:

: There was a documentary on BBC here recently (Horizon?) about
: synaesthesia based on the book which you mentioned.
: It seems that there is some form of "cross-talk" happening between
: adjacent pathways.
: I have a good friend in Hawaii, who sees different notes as colours.

Yes, I also hear colors, although it is not a fine as individual 
frequencies. I hear chords as colors. Highly consonant chords tend to be 
'heard' as primary colors, while increasing dissonance tends to mute the 
colors. Also songs, because of their implied harmonies, tend to have 
predominant colorings although certain passsages may lapse into transient 

Dan Wilson   
Arizona State Univ. (West) 

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