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Tue Mar 21 16:20:37 EST 1995

Brian Thiel/Lois Henry-Thiel (thielbl at wrote:
: >         From: tom at (Thomas F Collura PhD.) 
: > I am initiating a project where people will share design and other 
: > information, for setting up their own PC-based EEG systems, and this 
: > is one of the application areas.  The near-term goal is an under $200 
: > system that works with Windows, to provide the basic functions. 
: I am wondering about the $200 goal.  It seems to me that just the electrodes,   
: cables and minimal amps before you get to the analog-digital signal processing   
: would consume all the money.  What is the secret? 
: --Brian 

The HC11 EVBU microprocessor board with breadboard area is $120.  The IC's
for the front-end are about $40-$50.  That leaves $10-$20 for a battery
case and miscellaneous parts.  I didn't count electrodes, although
I am making some from saline-soaked sponge for about $5 each.

It is a two-channel system.  If you were thinking of 8 or 16 channels,
then definitely, it would be $20/channel for the amps alone.

I may have neglected the RS-232 cable, and one or two other things.

The Circuit Cellar HAL kit has about the same hardware, and is sold for
I think about $300 these days, which includes their markup.

So the $200 is aggressive but not unreasonable.

It does, however, assume a PC on hand.

Newer HC11 prototype boards are out there for $49 and $69, that I want
to evaluate.  That could get us well below the $200 mark.

-Tom Collura

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