Growth cones and NCAMs

David J. Kanter 75444.2004 at CompuServe.COM
Mon Mar 20 11:40:54 EST 1995

I hope to do a bio. project on how NCAMs act as guidance
cues for growth cones. Does anyone have ideas on what
methods I could use to determine the NCAM/growth cone
connection? So far I've thought of immunofluorescence
imaging, to show that NCAMs are there; Maybe clipping off
the NCAMs to see what effect it has on growth cone guidance
(what enzyme would do this?); Adjusting the sialic acid
content on the NCAM and see what this would effect (again,
how could I get rid of the sialic acids on the NCAM?).

Any ideas/suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated.



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