Worthwhile books on neuroscience...

Eugen Leitl ui22204 at sunmail.lrz-muenchen.de
Wed Mar 22 16:17:55 EST 1995

Hi neuronetters,

I am a (bio)chemist with an extensive computer science background
and a (potential) cryonicist. Since one of the more exciting 
sci.cryonics threads keeps harping upon uploading (scanning, 
processing and  downloading upon a special engine to emulate the original 
human), I'd like to learn of a suitable (high-brow, if it needs to be) 
book on neuroscience. Especially, the issues of n-space mappings as means
of computation, an atlas of morphologically discernible
cell types in the light of their functionality are of interest.
A comparative list of hitherto discovered neurontransmitters/modulators 
would come quite handy, too. And scooby dooby dooh. Know what I mean?
(A multiple book list is totally ok with me. Some from MIT Press?)

Big thanx for your troubles,

-- eugene

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