Chaos Theory

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: : > the theory of Chaos is now being applied to epilepsy and its role in the 
: : > ability to predict a seizure may be useful in the future treatment.  Computer 
: : > models may be applied for these purposes as well.

: Do you know where I could find more information about this?  This is 
: perfect!  Do you have the names of anyone who has been researching this?  
: Thanks.

You could try Dr. J. Principe in Gainesville, Florida, I think it's the U. of Florida.
He has published in the Biomedical Engineering literature.
You can also try the names Watt and Hameroff in Arizona, the
medical school U. of A. I think.

A medlines search should be useful.  There have been many articles in the
last 3-4 years, some in the journal Electroencephalography and Clinical

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