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>This list was previously posted and additions were made:

Florida State University Program in Neuroscience
NYU Center for Neural Science

>>: > Here are some of the best Neuroscience programs to consider:
>>: > 
>>: > (not in any order)
>>: > 
>>: > UCLA Interdisciplinary Neuroscience
>>: > UCSD Interdisciplinary Neuroscience
>>: > UCSF Neuroscience
>>: > Berkeley Neuroscience
>>: > Duke
>>: > Michigan
>>: > Northwestern
>>: > Washington University (St. Louis)
>>: > University of Washington (Washington)
>>: > Cornell
>>: > Columbia
>>: > USC Neuroscience
>>: > Purdue Neuroscience
>>: > Stanford
>>: > MIT
>>: > Boston University
>>: > 
>>: > 
>>: > Many others. (Anyone who feels slighted, add your university here)

>The University of Minnesota, Minneapolis/St. Paul has an excellent 
>interdisciplinary Neuroscience program with a very diverse faculty and an 
>enjoyable quality of life.
>I would like to add Emory University. We have a very broad program here,
>meaning you can do almost anything from molecular neurobiology to
>behavioral neurobiology. We have something like 60 faculty associated with
>our graduate Neuroscience program. The students that come here form a very 
>closeknit group and faculty-student relations are very good and informal. 
>Let me add Oregon Health Sciences University.  Our Neuroscience Program
>includes more than 70 faculty at OHSU (School of Medicine, Vollum Institute, 
>and School of Dentistry) and its nearby affiliated institutions (the VA 
>hospital, R.S. Dow Neurological Sciences Institute, and the Oregon Regional 
>Primate Research Center).  The program is extremely diverse with divisions 
>into molecular, systems, cellular, developmental, and behavioral research.  
>Needless to say, quality of life in Oregon is outstanding and still 
>Washington University in St. Louis has a program in
>Philosophy/Neuroscience/Psychology, run mostly by the Philosophy
>department.  There is a monthly discussion group plus a seminar series
>devoted to questions which cross the boundaries of these areas.  Combined
>with the strong MD/PhD and straight PhD programs offered here, it's
>probably worth considering. Audrey Ettinger, Neuroscience Program  
>The University of Illinois at C/U has a very large (90 professor)
>Neuroscience Program. The Psychology Dept. also has a Biopsychology
>Program. The stress of this school in Neuroscience is Cognitive and
>Behavioral, over the Molecular which has dominated many institutions.
> For cognitive neuroscience in general, you have to consider Washington 
>University, perhaps the biggest, most diverse program in the world.  Also, UC 
>Davis, UCSD, and NYU, Johns Hopkins, U Penn and MIT.
>Our Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program emphasizes interdisciplinary
>training and offers a great deal of research avenues in the neurosciences
>and other biomedical sciences here at Yale.  Laboratory rotations and
>thesis projects can be conducted with any of 80+ faculty from departments
>of: Anesthesiology, Cell Biology, Cellular & Molecular Physiology,
>Otolarynology, Neurobiology, Pharmacology, Genetics, Biology, Psychiatry,
>Immunology, Neurology, Psychology,  
>I also believe that some institutions have developed separate programs in
>sensory/cognitive neurosciences; one that immediately comes to mind is a
>Sensory Science program operated jointly between the University of
>Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.

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