- NewsWatcher [00/13] RE: SEIZURE SURGERY

Patrick Rhoten, M.D. mss5 at cwru.po.edu.
Wed Mar 22 21:05:46 EST 1995

   Surgery for intractable epilepsy is a viable option for patients who
have failed all known medical treatments.  The role of surgery has to be
individualized and can only be determined after numerous tests have been
performed (i.e. MRIs, CT scans, PET or SPECT scans, WADA tests and even
possibly invasive seizure monitoring electrode placement).  If you need
more information, there are only about 2 to 3 centers that are at the
pinnacle of surgical epilepsy treatments.  These include the Cleveland
Clinic, Clev, OH (check out the home page on WWW @
http://www.neus.ccf.com) others include UCLA, Yale U. and the Montreal
Neurologic Inst.  First talk to your physician about all of the medical
alternatives before proceeding with surgery.

There is often complacency in the acceptance of misery.

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