unknown vascular brain injury

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> A future member of my family has vascular problems in his brain from which 
the nature is unknown by the treating medicines.
> Although our confidence in them is great, a fast application of an 
appropriate treatment is necessary because his condition
> is deteriorating rapidly.
> He's 55-years old, has e deskjob in a railwaystation. It began with periods 
of absence, short syncopes, he fell down a few times.
> He started to be clumsy. His left foot dropped when he walked, he had trouble 
climbing stairs. At the same time he became friendlier,
> asking more questions, started talking more then he ever did, but nagging 
too. He became slightly incontinent. His memoryfunction
> deteriorated.
> He passed a few examinations, no metabolic problems were found, his heartrate 
did however drop a few times down to 25/minute.
> Finally they took a CT-scan and found several 'spots' on his brain, one was 
localised temporal, almost occipital, another is localised
> by the brainstem, and the others I don't know. They performed neurosurgery 
and removed the one on the right temporal lobe.
> Everything went well, he has only a mild hemiplegia.
> They found in his brain what they call a 'vascular injury of unknown nature'. 
It has a purple color, it is 'starshaped', multi-localised.
> Extensive laboratory study did not answer any questions.
> I realize this is very little information, but still I'd like to present this 
problem, hoping that anyone can help our medicines towards
> a probable diagnosis. We will look for any additional information that can 
help you to help us.
> Thank you
> Guy Lorent

Very little information is an understatement.  Hemangiomas?  Vasculitis?  
Amyloid angiopathy?  Small vessel disease?

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