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>My 43 year old brother was recently diagnosed with a Schwanomma 
>tumor which is between 2 mucscles in his abdomen.  I've only been able 
to find 
>a bit of info on this.  Does anyone have any info? 
>I know it is a benign tumor affecting his neurological system. 
> Are there any known causes for this type of tumor?  
>Once he is operated on will there be any further complications? 
> Any other treatments available besides surgery?  
>Would heavy drinking and drug abuse lead to this?

A schwannoma is a (usually) benign tumor of a nerve sheath.  They can 
occur on any nerve.  Some are quite serious, such as when they grow on a 
cranial nerve and behave as a brain tumor, or within the spinal canal 
and press on nerves and the spinal cord.

There is a condition, called Multiple Neurofibromatosis, or von 
Recklinghausen's Disease, which is a hereditary condition where multiple 
schwannomas occur on multiple nerves (including inside the cranium and 
spine), and is also associated with other kinds of tumors as well as 
skin lesions.  The "Elephant Man" had this condition.  It is passed 
genetically and can be anything from a mild condition to a fatal 

If someone has a verified schwannoma, they should be checked for 
neurofibromatosis; otherwise, the solitary tumor, if it is causing any 
trouble, should be surgically removed.  Hope this helps.



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