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Friedrich Hinrichs hinrichs at
Tue Mar 28 16:03:11 EST 1995

I need your help!

A friend of mine has a relatively large benign brain-tumor.
The actual symptoms are loss of memory and head-aches. After a diagnosis 
with computer-tomography an operation was strongly recommended.

Unfortunately the responsible surgeons were not willing to inform us
in detail about the risks.

Therefore I like to use this medium to ask you for advice:

Can you please answer the following questions? Even partial response
will be appreciated! (Please answer via EMAIL)

-  What kind of therapy is useful to remove the tumor? Is there any
   alternative to operation?

-  What is the life expectation without an operation?
       Is it nessessary to operate very quickly?

-  What are the expected results?
       Will the actual symptoms be reduced?
       What is the possibility for a successful operation?
       What is the possibility for a relapse?

-  Which risks do exist?

-  Which hospitals do such operations?

-  Does a "ranking" or statistics of success exist for hospitals 
    performing such operations?

-  Which hospital/surgeon do you recommend?

Your help will be appreciated!


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