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|> Does anyone out there know of the sites used when
|> FES electrodes are inserted into human muscles?
|> I would be really grateful if someone can lead me
|> to a paper with some details.

Depends on which muscles.  Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH,
has a lot of research in FES.  Look for articles by Dr. P. Hunter Peckham,
biomedical engineering professor at Case and head of the NIH FES REC
(National Institutes of Health FES Regional (?) Engineering Center or
something like that).  Hunter has worked primarily on upper extremity FES.
Dr. Brian Marsolais, from the VA Medical Center in Cleveland and also a
Case affiliate has done a lot of work on lower extremity FES for gait.
Dr. J. Thomas Mortimer, head of the Applied Neural Control Lab at Case,
has worked in a variety of areas, more recently micturition (bladder) and
pulmonary pacing (diaphragm).

Carlo DeLuca is head of the Neuromusular Research Center at Boston University.
I've designed a neuromuscular stimulator with another student for Dr. Roberto
Merletti, affiliated with the NMRC at BU but currently at the Politechnic
Institute of Torino, Italy; it was using surface electrodes, however.

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