Early parkinson's detection

Julian Millar J.Millar at qmw.ac.uk
Tue May 2 03:16:37 EST 1995

One of the reasons why the dopamine neurones die off in Parkinson's
may be due to free-radical damage in the brain.  The catecholamine
seem to be  particulary susceptible to this kind of problem.   Vitamin E
Vitamin C (which should be taken together, as they act synergistically at
cell membrane level) are antioxidants  and free-radical scavengers, and
is some evidence that these vitamins may delay the onset of the disease.
The best vitamin cocktail is probably a mix of A, C and E (ACE) which can
be obtained from many suppliers.  These vitamins certainly won't do you
harm, and may do some good, whereas L-Dopa needs to be taken with a
peripheral decarboxylase inhibitor (eg carbidopa) to prevent all sorts of
unpleasant side-effects on blood pressure etc.

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