Diff between Neuroscience and Psychobiology

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In article <3o5ton$cql at acmex.gatech.edu> Shelli Heather Godfrey,
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>What is the difference between neuroscience and psychobiology?  My sister
>will be going to graduate school in neuroscience but I thought these two
>were the same...HELP!
I haven't been too sure myself.  At one time or other you could have
described my field as:
(a) physiological psychology
(b) biopsychology
(c) psychobiology
(d) neurophysiology
(e) neuroscience
(f) other...

You might like to think of "psychobiology" as being part of Neuroscience,
but I wouldn't take the names too seriously as there may be historical
reasons at any one university for what a particular program is called.
Many universities have not yet formed separate Neuroscience departments
and so neuroscience groups have grown up in different departments under a
variety of disguises. However you will find that most psychobiology
programs are part of strong psychology departments and they tend to have
a stronger focus on behaviour than you will find in Neuroscience


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